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Recent Data Uploads

Geostor/ASDI Locator Service Survey

In an effort to improve the Geocode Services that are hosted by the Arkansas GIS Office, we are requesting information on current use cases to ensure that the transition to the new geocode service has the least amount of negative impact…aka we don’t want to break your applications, but we may have to. If breaking […]

New Data: Fire Station ADEM

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce a major update of Fire Station location data throughout Arkansas.  The agency in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, Office of Fire Services developed a mapping application to create an updated Fire Station data set.  Before now, the only version of this data was available through […]

91st General Assembly Maps Released

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce the release of two of our most popular paper map products.  These maps showcase the House of Representatives and Senate Districts of the 91st General Assembly. Photo Map Detail Each map contains a handy reference for the name, district and photo of each legislative member.  Freshmen legislative members […]