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Important Dates

• 2014 GIS Board Meetings

Sept 3rd, 2014


Conferences / Meetings

• State GIS Board sets 2014 meeting dates.



UALR GIS Lab ArcGIS 10.1 Fundamentals course, August 4-5, and Intermediate course, August 6-8

UALR GIS Lab ArcGIS 10 Model Builder class, April 21-22, 2014 and ArcGIS 10 Python class, April 23-25, 2014. Class descriptions & registration If you have any questions call 569-8221.




Feature Maps

about the office

The Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO) acts as the functional arm of the Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Board (ACT 244 of 2009).
Our major activities include providing administrative and technical support to the Board. We pursue activities that result in coordinated,cost-effective programs for spatial data development and distribution.

In fulfilling this role we coordinate with cities, counties, state, federal governments, and the private sector to reduce the duplication of effort. We coordinate the completion and maintenance of shareable statewide framework data and applications of geographic information system technologies.

Our premier service is GeoStor, the state's geographic information systems platform.

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