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Ms. Bekki White


Bekki White serves as the State Geologist and Director of the Arkansas Geological Survey. She is a registered Professional Geologist in Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas. Bekki earned a BS in Chemistry from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia in 1980, and then went on to study a term at Oxford University in 1982. She enrolled in Centenary College in Shreveport, Louisiana and in 1983 completed a BS and Masters degree in Geology. Bekki worked for DOW Chemical Corporation as a Chemist and then went on to independent consulting as a petroleum geologist with twenty plus years in that industry. She joined the Arkansas Geological Commission in 1998 as a Supervisor and was promoted to Assistant State Geologist in 2003. Bekki is a member of the Association of American State Geologists, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the National Association of Professional Geologists where she served many leadership roles including President of the Association in 1999. In 2005 Governor Mike Huckabee appointed Bekki as the Director of the Geological Commission. She oversees the daily operations of the commission. Under Bekki's direction the Commission has grown its Geographic Information System capability and is in the process of creating a geological map database of Arkansas.


Appointed on 9/28/2006

Expired on 8/1/2010 - Full term

Reappointed on 9/22/2010

Expires on 8/1/2014 - Full term